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Single Opt-In Email Lists: Why Not?

Single opt-in email sign-ups quickly fell out of favor when the double opt-in option became available and with good reason. The double opt-in option is superior in many ways, but a few internet marketers still prefer the old method and even declare it to be the better option. Although marketers who share this opinion are in the minority some valid arguments can be made for single opt-in email lists, but comparing the two options side by side can provide a better insight into why double opt-in remains the most popular choice.

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Single Opt-in Versus Double Opt-in Mailing Lists

Single Opt-in Versus Double Opt-in EmailEvery marketer dreams of having a large, responsive list to mail to, but lists are built one contact at a time and although it is generally accepted that double opt-in is the way to go some marketers argue that single op-in is the better choice. This can make things rather confusing, especially for newbie internet marketers contemplating building their first list.

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Providing Value to Mailing List Subscribers

A responsive mailing list can be a powerful internet marketing asset, but it is important to remember internet marketing is a two way street. From the list owner’s point of view the list exists for a specific reason and in most cases the list’s entire raison d’être is to generate sales. Different motivations will no doubt have inspired list members to opt-in. They will expect to receive something of value and are unlikely to consider their raison d’être to be lining someone else’s pocket. They may however consider a constant influx of hard-sell emails a good reason to opt-out from the list.

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An Introduction to the Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page?  It’s one of those terms newbie internet marketers hear all the time, but unlike a  “download page” or a “thank you page” the use of a “squeeze page” is pretty hard to guess so a lot of head scratching is usually involved, followed by a little Googling. You may be reading this post because you have just Goggled the term yourself. If this is so Google no more, your search is over; a squeeze page is a landing page designed for just one purpose—to gather (opt-in) email addresses. It’s a list building tool.

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What is an Internet Marketing Safelist?

what are internet marketing safelist?In simple terms an internet marketing safelist is a list of email addresses that belong to people who have agreed to accept mailings.

Safelist members can often find their inboxes bombarded with hundreds of emails each day. Sometimes these are from marketers who are trying to build their lists by offering downloads and other freebies, but more often than not the mailings will be from internet marketers hoping to make a sale.

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Autoresponder Benefits

Autoresponders offer undeniable email marketing benefits.  Many internet marketers build their entire business around them, preferring to market affiliate products and services to their email subscriber list(s) rather than build and maintain websites.

As the name suggests autoresponders can send automatic replies whenever emails are sent to one of the email addresses they are monitoring. A quick response to email queries lets the sender know their mailing has been received and will be dealt with shortly, but triggered email response is only the tip of the iceberg. Autoresponders are very versatile.

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